It Was Nice Knowing You Mitt Romney

Being President of the United States used to be the dream of kids when I was young. Lots of kids tossed President out there in papers, to teachers, and it was a mentioned dream job of enough boys to make the idea cool. I imagine that a boy with a Dad in politics was more likely to pick that job over fireman, pilot, professional athlete or famous actor, so we have weathered President George Bush (HW) and almost President Al Gore (His victory got left in the office of Katherine Harris in Florida (he should have won Tennessee so Florida didn’t matter, but we got “An Inconvenient Truth” instead of President Gore so every cloud has a silver lining)).

Mitt Romney’s Dad was the Governor of Michigan. As our understanding of Mitt has replaced Mitt’s understanding of himself, and the presentation of that half truth, we have gained insight, been shocked, and ultimately even lifelong Republicans like epic speechwriter Peggy Noonan have discovered this: Mitt Romney has the hair, the success story, the family, enough record in public service to make claims that sound Presidential, and enough blue suits, white shirts and red, white and blue ties to fill a tractor trailer, but he will not and should not be President of the United States.

Today’s reality for Mr. Romney is the new nickname he has very rightfully earned, “Mr. 47%.” Before I saw the Florida video, complete with the subtitles to make sure that the mumbling Romney’s true colors were tossed in the ring along with his hat, I knew that Mr. 47% was a bad nickname. I have a friend we call “The King” and another called “The Hammer” and one called “Big John.” I was called “Mr. Big” before Chris Noth and I’ve known a “Lightning Billy” and a girl guys in our neighborhood called “Wow!” If you were Mr. 100% or Mr. Zero like in “When Harry Met Sally” both could be good or bad nicknames depending on what drew the percentage comparison, but even a baseball player with a propensity and talent for hitting or getting on base would find another comparative element to plant a nickname on so Mr. 47% just cannot be good.

After thinking that, I saw the video and just wanted to extend my condolences to Mr. Romney, his donors, Conservatives everywhere who are still pissed about the Birth Certificate and to Peggy Noonan. Mr Romney will not be President anytime soon in America. If he’s unsure as to why, it’s a math equation Mr. Romney. If 47% of Americans feel entitled to healthcare, welfare, food stamps, air, water and whatever else these cretons are hoping for as Americans then Mr. Romney would need about 96% or so of the remaining 53% to have any chance. Even a great landslide victory has no precedent of such a preponderance of inclination towards any choice. I don’t think 96% of people would vote for free cars for everyone. It’s just how people are.

If you do try to win this election Mr. Romney, being a compassionate human being might be a start. Have opinions and hold fast to them. Tell us if you paid no taxes and say it proudly. Just be whoever the hell you are and see what happens. Apologize for offending 47% of America and know that people like you caused this. American dreams can include a good living wage because capitalism works when people make money.

Leaders help people create possibilities and although they may earn more, there is enough for everyone to do well when capitalism works. It’s a very hard condition facing Americans today. Politicians attached them to an anchor of debt they can never repay and while companies have made fortunes from money spent by the United States government, the people, maybe 90% have been knocked down, laid off, made scared and treated poorly. If you plan on working for Bain Capital, you shouldn’t care about those 47%, because businessmen are under no obligation to have compassion or concern. Make money and don’t break the law and you can sleep well at night on your 1,000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, with ocean sounds from your stereo, climate that is perfect and no outside noise through the double pane glass of your mansion. If you want to be President, you need to care about everyone and be a leader. If you can’t, take your hat out of the ring please. There are other boys who dreamed about being President and bullshit artists who want the power but serve a few are not the answer for America’s problems today.

Be Mindful, be watchful and Good luck!