I’m not fat shaming when I say “be healthier America”

I was reading rants across the internet and have to be confused; maybe because I am too old to understand the current no friction aspirations for humanity. When my Daughter was nine years old my five foot seven inch frame was the wonderful residence for 254 pounds of what can best be described as disgusting fat. Fat has no aesthetic value and certainly is not on anyone’s Christmas list.

Pelaton makes a very high end and high priced stationary bicycle that makes human beings smaller, more muscular and enhances their aerobic capacity. Not everyone wants any of these results, because honestly eating at an “all you can eat” buffet is way more fun than cardio at 6AM.

America is obese. Honestly, McDonald’s can easily get sponsorship from the balloon angioplasty association of America because bad food makes bad health. They occasionally try to reinvent themselves in the interest of PR, but their bread and butter customers are people who either cannot afford to eat healthy, or who like burgers. fries and cokes; paying eternal homage to “the food pyramid.”

We have to stop these friction free aspirations. What is looked at by those who specialize in negative narrative when they see the Pelaton commercial is “husband gifts his wife a torture apparatus demanding her to be smaller and too skinny in the interests of aesthetic, and she thanks him,” instead of husband gives his wife a modern day exercise machine that features motivational trainers, digital dialogue and high end construction which helps her spend a year challenging herself to the end that exercise delivers, which is low fat, high aerobic and cardio vascular output, and a healthy outcome.

The thanks is a metaphor for what a year spent in an awesome exercise program is, which is ultimately self love. If you ever attend a Soul Cycle class which is the “go to the gym” version of pelaton, most every participant would buy a gift for their favorite instructor, and is part of an almost cultlike assembly of people who deeply love what a journey into challenging exercise provides.

I am waiting for the tidal wave of anger for the doctors of the world who recommend 30 minutes of exercise daily for everyone who might also be “body shaming” to suggest that anyone needs to alter themselves by exercise in any way. Exercise is good for everyone and the suggestion I could use more exercise is as much a groundswell of love, telling me to live longer, as it is a shaming effort.

Pelaton is a seven year old company headquartered in New York City and employs over 400 people selling exercise bikes. There is not even a small chance that they woke up one day and decided to fat shame anyone. They offered a suggestion to husbands and wives, and anyone else who loves someone and has $2,300; gift a Pelaton to someone you love and they will find the deep satisfaction that comes from exercising and being healthy. Maybe they were trying to put some balloon angioplasty Doctors out of business. Who can blame them for that?

Be mindful, be watchful and good luck!