John S. Flynn, has been an entrepreneur for his entire working life. He has grown four companies as a principal investor to as many as one thousand employees, in four different industries; environmental services, computer services, specialty financial services and transportation and logistics services. He believes that companies can grow and thrive in America with American workers, and that outsourcing overseas based on “pricing efficiencies” creates instability and weakness in our domestic economy.

He invested in Nanoviricides, a company that has targeted ability to deliver pharmaceutical ingredients, based on proprietary patented technology. He brought that company into the public marketplace, where it trades under the symbol NNVC.

His principal investments include films, military technology and financial services firms currently. He has held senior management positions previously in a number of Companies, public and private. He was the President and Chief Financial Officer of Xpress-1, a logistics and transportation company with offices through the Midwest and southeastern United States, putting that company on the American Stock Exchange. The Company currently trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

He was the Chairman and co-founder of Remote Lojix, a New York based computer service company, from January 1994-November 1998, at which time the company was sold to Avtel Communications, as well as the founder of DAC Environmental Services, Inc., one of the largest environmental contracting firms in the Northeastern United States.

He was a consultant for Saliva Diagnostics that worked on a restructuring for the Board of Directors that resulted in saving the company $3 million in debt based obligations and enabled it to continue operations without interruption, he was President of Corporate Computing, Inc., a New York based computer service company serving Fortune 100™ companies with onsite service and parts, and has always been a managing member of Aspen Rhodes Capital Corporation, an fifteen year old advisory firm providing merger, financing and strategic consulting to small to mid-sized companies in various industries, whose clients included Gries Investment Fund, Saddle Point Capital, Worlds, Inc., Westbury Metals Group,, Bio-Reference Labs,, US Automotive, Riviera Finance, Segmentz, Inc., Chancellor Leasing Corporation, Cyber Defense, E-Green Technologies, RT Industries and Private Retreats.